Maryann O’Connell, Manager, HR and Business Performance Solutions, former member

When I joined Toastmasters I thought it was an organization that would help me feel more comfortable with my public speaking. What I learned was that it is so much more than that. It improves communication skills: listening to others, writing the speeches that I present, and getting out of my comfort zone by volunteering for the many roles needed to run each meeting. Best of all-our group is a talented, high energy group that always includes laughter and friendship.

Jeff Shaw, Small Business Owner, member

While I’ve had to do a lot of public speaking over the years I’ve never been confident in my abilities nor quite frankly very good at it. In just a few short months Toastmasters has helped me improve to the point where I actually look forward to getting up in front of the group.

Sam Mercurio, member

Even though I perform as a Master of Ceremonies before large audiences on a regular basis, I find, like an athlete, the need to practice my craft as often as possible. Toastmasters offers me this opportunity. I could not keep my impromptu skills honed without regular practice, such as the “stage time” at club meetings. Further, Toastmasters has enabled me a leadership path to utilize the skills I have worked on weekly. This has provided pathways to career opportunities not previously planned or envisioned.

Aneesh Bendre, Engineer, former member

I joined Toastmasters to improve my presentation skills in front of my managers and colleagues. This club has not only helped me build confidence when speaking to an audience but also taught me the art of writing a speech along with an opportunity to hone my listening skills. I have made some great friends at Toastmasters and look forward to participating at every club meeting!