Toastmasters Pricing

Toastmasters is a very affordable investment in your personal and professional development. Dues for the first year as a new member are $159 – pro rated based on the month you join. This contains a one-time new member fee of $25.00 which provides you with everything you need to get started. In addition, your annual membership dues include a subscription to the monthly Toastmasters magazine and access to an on-line Toastmasters Resource Portal that includes many free, downloadable articles and reference manuals.

Dues are paid annually in April.  After your first year annual dues are $134. 

NOTE TO NEW MEMBERS: Please do not use the application form found on the main toastmasters site (Toastmasters International) as it is set up for bi-annual payments and does not work for our club. Please contact the VP Membership for the correct form.